We are happy you found us! We found each other when our paths crossed in Africa & 5 years later we are adventuring and traveling the world together with our baby girl, Addison.

sleeping like a baby

sleeping like a baby

*Thank you to Leesa for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 


Austin and I have lived in 4 different apartments together. We’ve slept in over 100 hotels and Airbnbs - from New York City to Ghana to Venice, Italy. We’ve slept on planes flying over the Atlantic and planes flying over the Pacific. We’ve slept on trains while traveling across India. We’ve slept on busses in Central America. We've slept in a shack in a lavender field in Massachusetts. We survived a night in a hammock on an island off Mexico. We slept in a barn in Iceland - next to the farm animals. We’ve spent a night in a tent on a volcano in Guatemala. We’ve spent a few nights in our car driving across the country. 

And the crazy thing is, each of these places have been home. Whether for a night or for a year and whether in a hammock in Mexico or a tent in Guatemala, they’ve been home to us because we’ve been together. However, they haven't all been the most comfiest of nights. You can bet we didn't sleep much on that train in India or the many busses in Central America. 

Despite having a 2 year old and a new 4 week baby, we've been sleeping pretty good on our new Leesa mattress. It is seriously heaven. Austin and I have never invested in a mattress and now we regret the last six years of sleeping. haha! Addi and Elly are clearly fans too.


One amazing perk with Leesa mattresses is they are shipped free to your door and come in a box! So convenient for us. They also donate one mattress to a shelter for every ten they sell - I love that! If you are considering buying a new mattress right now - you won't regret buying a Leesa.

And while we are sleeping well on our Leesa, Elly is sleeping excellent in her Dock-A-Tot - I think it makes her feel like she's constantly being hugged and snuggled. We've loved having that for her and our only regret is not having one for Addison when she was a little babe!

Waterton & Glacier National Park

Waterton & Glacier National Park

Boston - 2018

Boston - 2018