We are happy you found us! We found each other when our paths crossed in Africa & 5 years later we are adventuring and traveling the world together with our baby girl, Addison.

Boston - 2018

Boston - 2018

We loved getting to visit Boston for a few days this week. Austin had a conference for work, so Addison, Austin’s mom (Jacie) and I got to tag along! We had so much fun exploring the city and playing in Boston. We stayed in the North End which is such a fun and old neighborhood with narrow streets, amazing Italian restaurants and lots of history.

We arrived super early Monday morning and couldn’t check into our Airbnb until the afternoon, so we explored the Boston Common area which is like Boston’s Central Park. We loved strolling through the park, riding the swan boats and letting Addison run wild chasing squirrels.

After the park, we grabbed lunch at the Parish Cafe. The menu is made up of sandwiches created by the top chefs of Boston, so it has quite the variety. We loved it and loved the ambiance of the outdoor seating right outside the park. Highly recommend ordering onion rings and the Kenneth Sandwich. So good.

Later that day, we got to go on a whale watching tour with Boston Harbor Cruises. I LOVE whales so I had really been looking forward to this. It ended up being a perfect day for a whale watching cruise - it couldn’t have been better! I’m pretty sure Addison had the best view of a massive whale that came up right in front of the boat. It was fun to watch her discover these huge animals!

We spent Tuesday walking all over Boston doing the Freedom Trail. It was fun to get to see Boston this way and learn so much about our history. We made sure to split it up with plenty of popsicle and ice cream breaks!

We got to go on the Boston Odyssey Dinner Cruise Tuesday night and it seriously was so incredible. We went on the Odyssey Dinner Cruise in Chicago and it was one of our favorite experiences so we were so excited to see that they did cruises in Boston. We arrived on the boat and they had our table decorated so beautifully with flowers and a little treasure chest for Addison. The staff was kind and it is so obvious they want to make your night on the cruise memorable. Addison immediately remembered our night on the cruise in Chicago and knew there was a dance floor waiting for her! She would have spent the entire night on the dance floor if we would have let her! Haha! The food was so delicious and the views matched it. We had such a great night on our Odyssey cruise and would highly recommend the experience to anyone traveling to Boston!

The next day we spent some time at the New England Aquarium. Addison loved the penguins and the starfish, so guess where we spent the majority of our time? With the penguins and starfish. 

After the aquarium we grabbed lunch at the Piperi Mediterranean Grill. I am a sucker for Mediterranean food and this place totally hit the spot. So good.

Once we finished eating, we raced over for our Charles Riverboat Cruise we had planned. This was seriously one of my favorite things we did in Boston! It was completely peaceful going down the Charles river and watching the row boats and sailboats. They take you all the way down to Harvard, so this was a fun way to see Cambridge. Definitely recommend this experience too!

Before we left Boston, we wanted to take Addison to the kids museum. They had a toddler room for 0-3 year olds and I loved how it was set up. There were a bunch of different rooms within the toddler room with different activities for the kids to do. We stayed in there the entire time we were at the Boston Children's Museum and Addison was content as ever.

We spent our last morning in Boston grabbing breakfast at the North Street Grille. We had heard it was the place to go, and that was validated when we saw the line out the door. It was well worth the wait. Austin got a pancake burrito and I got strawberry nutella stuffed french toast (seriously the best french toast I’ve had!)

After breakfast we made our way to Harvard and toured the campus and the area. We loved it, but it doesn’t compare to Notre Dame. Haha! We may be a little biased.


Once we were back downtown, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Minigrow.  Honeygrow was one of our favorites in Chicago and Minigrow is their new restaurant - so we were stoked to see it in Boston and to get it try it out. Order the Chicken Jawn noodle bowl if you get to go!

We logged over 37 miles in Boston AND I didn't go into labor! Haha! It was a great week of creating memories together!

sleeping like a baby

sleeping like a baby

Goodbye Chicago!

Goodbye Chicago!